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Welcome To Termite Protection, your termite control provider in the Bay Area!

Have a problem with termites or simply want to protect your residence against them? Contact us and we will take care of any problems that termites have caused in your home, and make sure that they never burrow in your walls, doors or window sills again.

We offer you the direct service of a skilled and experienced team, with more than two decades of combined practice at preventing termites from entering properties and eliminating any that have dared to enter. TermiteProtection.org has become known in the Bay area as the best termite protection company in the region, thanks to our customer service, proven results and outstanding price.

If you are hesitant about termite protection cost, don't think twice about this smart investment. It will pay for itself many times over as you enjoy numerous problem-free years in your residence. And, when it comes time to sell, you will have an entirely bug-free home to show. We use an environmentally safe process to ride your home of termites and keep them away forever.

If you have any indication that termites are in your home (dark droppings or brown, earthen tubes in woodwork), contact us today to get a quote and to schedule an appointment. Even if you do not have these visible signs of infestation, you should realize that termites can eat away at your home's woodwork for years without detection. For your peace of mind, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

While the termites are chewing, what are you doing? Take action now to ban termites forever from your home. Enlist the best termite control systems available from us.

Termite Pest Control, Inc.
I needed termite protection and called Termite Pest Control.  I found their termite protection methods and customer service an overal pleasent experience and highly recommend this service to anyone.
Josh P.
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Some General Termite Information
Quite disastrous, termites are considered as some of the most hardworking of insects whose hosts range from some fruit trees, corn, sugarcane, cotton, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tea, cassava, soybean...
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